Sunday, 17 June 2012

Baked Today - Lemon and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Its Sunday, a day to stay at home, get some chores done, potter about, craft and ooh... maybe bake some cakes!

Today I made some lemon and white chocolate cupcakes from the latest Cupcake Heaven magazine, decorated very simply with some piped white chocolate buttercream and grated lemon zest and white chocolate. Yum!

Magazine: Cupcake Heaven Summer 2012 Volume 1 - lemon and white chocolate cupcakes and white chocolate buttercream
Wilton - 1M piping nozzle


  1. Oh Mandy these look just yummy! I love white chocolate :)

    Linda xxx

  2. Oh no...I'm so hungry now...and we're on an enforced diet...thanks Mandy!

  3. Cakes look soo yummy....
    Maggie x


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