Monday, 2 June 2014

1 Month No Craft Spend Challenge - Day 16

Day 16 in the 1 month no craft spend challenge - and a challenge it is proving to be!  I just HAD to order a couple of dies yesterday... I have become a bit hooked on making these pretty little roses lately, and one card that I made I could have definitely done with some bigger flowers (you will see that one on the blog at the weekend as its a DT challenge card).  Now while I was looking for a video tutorial on how to make the roses, I also discovered that there are a couple of larger dies with just a single flower and single calyx on (rather than 4 and 2) - so I'm afraid that was that!

Now of course I could have waited for them... sigh... I would still say I am doing pretty well as that is my second purchase in two weeks (oh and another £16).

Meanwhile I have resisted buying any of the new Crafters Companion vintage range embossing folders, and a few other bits from Create from Craft, so lets see what the next two weeks brings!

Mandy x

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