Friday, 1 March 2013

Weekly Panda Post - 1st March 2013

Welcome to the first Weekly Panda Post!  As I love all things to do with Giant Pandas and this blog is called Paper Panda I decided that a weekly post dedicated to pandas would be a fun thing to do!  It may not always be a card or other craft project, it may be a new panda related purchase, news story, or something interesting that I have spotted on the internet.  I hope that on the non crafty posts you will join me and allow me to indulge in my love of Giant Pandas!

Today, I would like to introduce you to Flora, my first bear that started it all off :-)  She was a present from my sister when I was born, and the rest as they say is history!  I used to take Flora everywhere with me, and as you can see she is looking rather sad and worn these days - but I still love her, the only difference is now she sits on my bookshelf rather than being taken everywhere I go!

I already have the next few Panda Posts planned, so I hope you'll pop back to take a look each Friday.

Mandy x


  1. Oh my Mandy this brought back memories of my own first panda that went everywhere with me too. I used to throw it into the washing machine and sit and wait on the grass waiting for it to dry.

    Here you are hun, don't worry I have done this myself too.

    Linda xxx

    1. Thanks Linda, panda bears are the best aren't they! I uaed to hate having to wait for mine to dry when she got washed!
      Mandy x


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