Sunday, 25 September 2016

Vintage Tea Cup Candles

I'd like to share my latest makes with you - some vintage tea cup candles!  I had wanted to give this a go for a while to make some Christmas presents, and recently I saw a new show on The Craft Channel with Chulo Naturals - they sell their own brand candles, soaps and bath bombs all made with natural products from a shop in Kent, and have now started making kits for us to make some of these things at home.

The tea cup candle kit comes with one bone china tea cup, a bag of soy wax chips, 2 wicks, wick holders and a colour/fragrance tablet - oh and full instructions!  The guidance is that you can make 2 tea cup candles, though I guess it depends on the size, but I was able to make 3 tea cup candles and 1 expresso cup candle from one kit (just needed a couple of extra wicks).

I used the vanilla scented kit, and as I type this blog post the candles are sitting on the desk next to me, and without them even being lit I can smell a gorgeous warm vanilla smell.  

Now all I need to do is make or find some boxes to put them in to give as gifts at Christmas or even birthdays! Though the little expresso cup candle is mine :-)

I hope I have inspired you to have a go at making your own candles - I am off to find some more old tea cups! :-)

Materials Used:
The Craft Channel - Chulo Naturals vintage cup and saucer candle making kit
Other tea cups, expresso cup and saucers

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