Friday, 9 June 2017

Screen Printing Workshop? Yes Please!!

Have you ever entered a competition on Facebook and thought "I'll never win" - yep me too!  But this one time, I did take the time to enter, and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I did win!  A place on a Screen Sensation masterclass as well as the basic kit, some inks and a screen to get me started!  SO excited!!!

To go to the workshop meant a weekend away from home on my own, with the chance to meet some new like minded crafty friends.  Nervous - a little... Excited... much.... I was not disappointed!  I met some lovely people, all so excited to learn new crafty stuff and make friends, and had a great time "playing" with lots of Screen Sensation goodies! Oh - and there may have been the opportunity to do a bit of crafty goodness shopping in some of the local craft stores... (why don't we have any of those near where I live?!)

The masterclass was run by Wendy Hunter, the brand ambassador for Screen Sensation (lots of her amazing artwork has also been on Create and Craft and the packaging of the fabulous screens - so if you love the lion on the "Pride" screen and have seen some coloured images - yes that is Wendy's work!  Isn't she amazing!!!)

We also had a little treat -  the lovely Hels Sheridan coming along to join in - if you have been watching the Screen Sensation shows on Create and Craft you will have seen her, Sarah Payne and some other lovely crafters demoing.  She is just as lovely, and probably even funnier in real life - and don't you just love it when us crafters get excited about products, get together and just want to share what we love!  Oh and I still want to meet the lovely Sarah Payne so that we can share our love of anything fabric!!!

Anyway, it looks like I have rambled on enough, and still not shown you much of what I printed at the workshop, so enjoy the photos, and please get in touch if you have any questions about the Screen Sensation system - it really is easy and fun to use!! 

I have a few bits n bobs from the class that I will be using in future projects, as well as taking some time to try some new things and sharing projects with you.  Also hoping to share a video or two, so please watch this space!

Please do let me know what you think of the projects I am sharing with you, and also what you would like to see.

So, for today... happy crafting!!!
Mandy x

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