Friday, 23 May 2014

1 Month No Craft Spend Challenge - Day 6

So here we are on day 6... How is is going I hear you ask - well, I have to say surprisingly ok!  There have definitely been a few crafty goodies that I have seen / thought about that I would have normally purchased - and also some that I could have bought on impulse, with an "I must have that" or and !I need that" in my head.

There are a couple of things that I feel slightly pained about not buying:
- The Scottish stamp set by Visible Image available exclusively from The Paperterie.  I had meant to buy this a week or so ago, but you can't order online and have to phone, which I kept forgetting to do!  So this purchase needs to wait until after the 17th June, so I hope they will have some left!
- The Party Divas CD set by Debbi Moore, available on offer on Create & Craft - am sure by the time the 18th June comes it will be back to full price :-(

Then I know that Crafters Companion are launching their new Halcyon Days range on Create & Craft tomorrow, and from the sneeky peeks I have seen so far on Facebook I will definitely want that CD!  Ah well, all good things come to those who wait...

The rest, I am quite pleased about not getting, as I would probably have received it, put it with the rest of my stash and not have time to use it for a while!  I'm keeping a list of all the things I could have / might have bought - not sure I am brave enough to share that with you yet! LOL!

There there is the list of things I do want to buy next pay day.  So far that is the Scottish stamp set and the Halcyon Days CD - not too bad... :-)

Mandy x

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  1. Keep up the good work! I'm sure I would fail miserably if I took on such a challenge!!
    Hugs, Renee


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